10 SDCC 2018 Toy Exclusives Worth Hunting Down

Aside from the panels, the news, and the autographs, one of the biggest aspects of SDCC are the convention exclusives various licensees bring for fans to pick up. These goodies are special and unique (often unattainable elsewhere), or feature special packaging/extras you can’t get elsewhere. As such, they’re high on collectors’ lists to find. 

There are so many cool exclusives announced this year, so if you’re going to SDCC this year (or hoping to buy some online), you’re going to be busy finding them. Time and money means there’s no way you’ll be able to get them all, so I’ve got a handy list of the 10 coolest exclusives I feel would be most worthwhile for fans to track down:  


NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) – Street Scene Diorama and Action Figure Set ($250)

Coming in at $250, this is the most expensive item on our list, but it’s also (arguably) the coolest. If you’re fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, these 7 inch action figures are a must have. The diorama that comes with it makes for an excellent display. It’s limited to 2000 sets, so you’ll have to move fast, but if you miss out, they are selling just the figures as well. 

Take your TMNT collection to the next level with this incredible package! Create amazing scenes from the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie with this huge Street Scene Diorama, sized to work with most action figures from 6 to 9 inches tall. At over 2 feet wide, over 18 inches tall, and over a foot deep, it’s massive enough to display more than 30 figures at once, but we’ll start you off with four very special ones – Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael from the 1990 movie in 7” scale! 


Star Wars The Vintage Collection Doctor Aphra Comic Set ($49.99) 

The return of Hasbro’s Vintage Collection is exciting enough, but getting a three-pack based on new comic characters is even better. While Hasbro has a couple Black Series exclusives this year as well, I can honestly say this one has my more interested.

Celebrate the legacy of STAR WARS with premium, highly-detailed 3.75-inch scale figures and vehicles from THE VINTAGE COLLECTION! Imagine the adventures of the STAR WARS comic universe with these 3.75-inch-scale DOCTOR APHRA, 0-0-0 (TRIPLE ZERO), and BT-1 (BEETEE) figures that feature premium deco across multiple points of articulation and design inspired by the DOCTOR APHRA comics. 

The Vintage Collection Doctor Aphra Comic Set, the winner of last year’s fan choice poll for the recently-relaunched Vintage Collection, will be available at Hasbro Booth #3329.

Mattel SDCC Exclusive Action Comics 1 Hot Wheels 1 600x846

Hot Wheels Superman 80th Anniversary Scale Model ($20)

Superman turns 80 this year, and to celebrate Hot Wheels has a really neat diorama/recreation of the comic that started it all. While it’s a basic car model, the packaging and display is what sets this apart and makes it something comic lovers can display with pride. 

Eighty years ago, the world was introduced to Superman by Action Comics # 1 and its riveting cover illustration of this legendary super hero powerlifting a sedan over his head. As a result, it became the most valuable and sought-after comic book in the world. Now, to celebrate this iconic moment, Hot Wheels debuts its diecast version of this famous car in a 3-D-diorama featuring a new sculpt of the Man of Steel himself.

This will be available over at Mattel’s Booth (#2945). 

San Diego Comic Con 2018 Exclusive Masters of the Universe Laughing Prince Adam Action Figure by Super7 1

Masters of the Universe Club Grayskull – Laughing Prince Adam ($35)

The meme has become an action figure, and it’s an impressive looking one to boot. Super7 is bringing this excellent looking “Laughing Prince Adam” to SDCC this year. If you’re a He-Man fan or just a lover of memes/pop culture, this is a steal at only $35. 

New Laughing head sculpt inspired by the viral video! Comes with new pink power sword with rainbow glitter packaging. A San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Hordak’s Lair Pop-up onsite exclusive.  Available at Super7 (Booth #4945)

The best thing about this one is you have the chance to pre-order some online from Super7 and get it shipped.


Voltron: Legendary Defender Hyperphase Voltron 5-Piece Gift Set Action Figure

Entertainment Earth (Booth #2343) is bringing Voltron to SDCC with an impressive 16 inch (when put together) toy based on the most recent animated series on Netflix. More than just looking cool, it also features lights and over 50 different phrases and sound effects from the show. 

The legend comes alive when the Legendary Lions are combined to form the unbeatable Defender of the Universe – Voltron. These five powerful Lions transform and combine to create a towering 16-inch Voltron action figure featuring lights and over 50 phrases and sound effects from the DreamWorks series Voltron: Legendary Defender. Limited to 3,000 pieces worldwide, the Voltron: Legendary Defender Hyperphase Voltron 5-Piece Gift Set Action Figure – SDCC 2018 Previews Exclusive also includes the Quintessence-enhanced projectile launchers! 

Super7 Alien ReAction Figure Hammerhead Tribute Figure 1

Alien – “Space Wars Headhammer” Tribute Xenomorph 3.75″ ReAction Figure with coin ($15)

Another Super7 exclusive I couldn’t help but put on this list. It’s just such an odd/silly crossover figure that I can’t help but want it. The design is based off the original Alien Xenomorph action figure, but with the color scheme of the old Kenner Star Wars Hammerhead figure. Like I said, kind of an odd crossover, but definitely makes for a cool figure. You can track it down at Super7’s booth (#4945).


SS Georgie, Blood-Spattered Diecast Boat – ($10)

This is Factory Entertainment, and I’m including it for a couple reasons. One, I think it’s something neat that horror/Stephen King fans will get a kick out of. Two, it’s one of the cheapest exclusives you’re going to find at SDCC. So if you’re looking for some cool swag without breaking the bank, this one is ideal. 

Based on the Georgie’s paper boat from the blockbuster hit movie IT, this scaled 3.5″ Heavy Metals diecast exclusive is TERROR-iffically detailed in blood-spatter. The perfect collectible for any member of the Losers Club. Available For In Booth Purchase At SDCC Booth #2647 


Star Wars Forces of Destiny Chewbacca and Porgs

Forget the creepy looking Forces of Destiny version of Chewbacca, this makes the list because that sweet, sweet Porg action. I love The Last Jedi’s Porg creatures (and have quite a few Porg related collectibles at home already), and this set with the Porglet nest (and BABIES) is exactly what any Porg fan needs in their life. 

Journeying to the sacred island of AHCH-TO, CHEWBACCA meets the PORGS, a curious avian species found throughout the secluded island. This detailed CHEWBACCA figure is lavishly furry and makes true-to-entertainment sounds when activated, while the PORG figures feature soft flocking that makes them a delight to hold and feel. The package carefully recreates the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, making it perfect for display, and is sure to delight collectors and fans alike. Includes 11-inch CHEWBACCA figure, two PORG figures, PORGLET nest with two baby PORG figures, and two accessories. Requires 3 A76 alkaline batteries, included.

Fans will be able to purchase this highly collectible set at the Hasbro Toy Shop Booth #3329.

Mezco Batman Beyond

One:12 Batman Beyond Figure ($85)

Mezco’s One:12 line of figures have always looked impressive. Combining the movement/articulation of action figures, with the detail of higher quality statues, they’re ideal for toy collectors. Their SDCC exclusive gives the Terry McGinnis Batman a chance at the spotlight. Batman Beyond is among my favorite iterations of the caped crusader and this looks like one of the best figures for him. 

The One:12 Collective ‘Dark Knight of Tomorrow’ abandons the definitive black and gray Batsuit for an all-black, high tech scheme, punctuated by a bright red bat symbol on the chest. Batman Beyond comes complete with two head portraits, his signature red wings, batarangs, and boosterjet effects that create dynamic flying poses.

This Mezco Summer Exclusive is only available via their website and at the Mezco Toyz SDCC booth #3445, while supplies last.

Saiyan Evolution Pack 1

The Dragon Stars Series – Saiyan Evolution Pack ($80) 

Dragon Ball Super has delighted Dragon Ball fans the world over and given a new generation a chance to enjoy the beloved characters. Bandai always brings the goods with their line-up of figures, and this three-pack of poseable 6.5” figurines, which highlights the primary forms Goku takes in the hit series is no different. The slipcase makes it ideal for display purpose when you’re taking them out for posing/play. You’ll be able to snag this at the Bandai booth #3535.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a BUNCH of other great toys I could have put on here. You may have noticed a distinct lack of Funko exclusives on here, but that’s because they’ve announced a bunch of great exclusives from a variety of different fandoms. It’s tough to pick just one, so if you’re a Funko collector, there’s no doubt you’ll find something exciting to pick up at SDCC. 

Beyond the toys there are plenty of other book, music, and general collectible exclusives to find. There’s no shortage of cool things to try and find, but if you’re collection is all about toys (like me), I’d definitely put these ten on your radar. Which toys are you hoping to pick up from SDCC 2018? 

Cinelinx will be on the ground of San Diego Comic-Con bringing you all the latest from the event and show floor. Be sure to keep it tuned here for all the updates you need to know!