Check Out Hasbro’s Star Wars Day Reveals

To celebrate May the Fourth, Hasbro revealed some new Star Wars toys coming later this year for fans to snatch up!

In case your wallet isn’t hurting enough from the Hot Toys/Sideshow reveals, Hasbro has some Star Wars Day announcements for you as well:

This Summer, The Vintage Collection fans will have three new figures to track down: Echo’s Arc Trooper, Teebo, and the Offworld Jawa from The Mandalorian. On top of those, there are some re-releases part of the Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary line. Pre-orders for these go live at 1pm ET on 5/5/2021 from most major retailers.

For Black Series collectors, there’s a pair of new figures based off The Bad Batch including an Imperial Shock Trooper and Vice Admiral Rampart (who show’s up in the next episode). These are both Walmart exclusives with pre-orders going live starting at 1pm ET on 5/5/2021.

And now, a couple announcements from my FAVORITE Star Wars Black Series line, the Gaming Greats. Two more figures are coming in this series, featuring the Nightbrother and Flametrooper (both from Jedi: Fallen Order). These GameStop exclusives arrive this Fall with pre-orders starting at 1pm ET on 5/5/2021.

Lastly, here’s a fun new addition to the Retro line, offering up a “Prototype” version of Boba Fett for collectors to pick-up! This is a Target exclusive arriving this Summer with pre-orders going live at—you guessed it—1pm ET on 5/5/2021.

Which of these new figures are you looking forward to picking up?

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