Empire Strikes Back Takes the Focus of Hasbro’s Star Wars Toy Fair Reveals

Earlier this week, we got a look at some new toys based on The Mandalorian, but today brought other toy reveals from Hasbro at Toy Fair.

Today, during the New York Toy Fair, Hasbro held a presentation to reveal a slew of upcoming new toys in multiple lines and properties. For Star Wars fans, however, the focus seemed to be pretty squarely on the upcoming 40th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back (with a surprise here and there).

Much like they did for the 40th Anniversary of A New Hope, Hasbro is releasing a line of 6-inch Black Series figures with the original style toy packaging (which you can already pre-order):

The first wave of these are slated to arrive in the next couple months, while the second wave won’t arrive until August. At $20 each, these seem like a no-brainer for fans to pick up even though most are essentially repacks of previous released figures. They look great for display.

That’s not all for Black Series an Empire Strikes Back, however. They also revealed a new deluxe figure Probe Droid and an all new Black Series scale vehicle; a Snowspeeder that will also include a Dak figure!

For an even more classic vibe, Hasbro is once again using the “Retro” line of toys to bring back old-school styled figures for collectors to pick up (original Star Wars figures got this treatment last year):

As for Vintage Series Collection fans…there wasn’t a whole lot. Only a couple figures (which won’t arrive until the Fall), but one INCREDIBLE looking vehicle that might make up for it: Boba Fett’s Slave I:

The ship looks great and even comes with the stand you see, so it’ll be easy to pose and display at home. This will be available a bit earlier (Spring), but it’s a little pricier at $149.99. Lastly, the only real surprise at the show for Star Wars fans, was the announcement of a new ForceFX Elite Lightsaber (those super fancy replica sabers that light up and sound amazing):

Yep, that’s REVAN’s Lightsaber! Revan most recently got a new Black Series figure as well based on his Light-Side version. Couple that with this new Lightsaber, that can change colors depending on the side you want to choose, and that’s a surprising amount of new merchandise for a character that technically is still Legends (aside from a mention in The Rise of Skywalker Visual Dictionary).

Considering he’s one of my all time favorite characters, I’m here for all the goodies I can get. At $224, however, it’s a bit steep. Still, I have until the Fall to save my pennies for it.

While Hasbro promised to have more reveals coming up over the next few months, it is a bit of a bummer that we didn’t get to see anything from the new movie/show. Black Series figures for Palpatine in TROS, Dark Rey, or even Moff Gideon in Mandalorian seem like excellent choices. Hopefully we’ll see those in the upcoming reveals.

From what we see now, what are you looking forward to picking up most?

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