Funko Reveals First Toys for The Mandalorian’s Most Adorable Character

Eager Star Wars fans are chomping at the bit to get their hands on toys related to The Mandalorian‘s breakout character, and Funko is here to help.

In order to keep “the child” a secret, none of the normal toy/merchandise licenses had stuff ready to go for fans to pick up this Holiday season. It seems odd considering how endearing the little Yoda-baby is and how easily it’s already taken over pop-culture conversations. I mean, it’d be a license to print money for Christmas, but as is the case with just about all things Star Wars these days, secrecy is tantamount.

But don’t fear! Toys and other merchandise for the incredibly awesome baby are on the way for next year. Funko has come out of the gate first with a pair of new Funko Pop! figures in both normal size and 10-inch versions (which is ALMOST life size):

Embrace the cuteness of the newest Star Wars character by pre-ordering Funko’s “the Child” Pop! in both standard size AND a near-lifesize 10-inch version! He may look like a Baby Yoda, but this lovable creature is referred to as “the Child.”

There’s no specific release date yet, but Funko says these are arriving in early Spring. All I need to know is where can I give my money now?