Geek Pick of the Week: Equinox Home Theater Seats and SoundShaker System

If you want the absolute best experience when it comes to watching your movies at home, the first thing you think of (obviously) is a great HD TV and surround sound.  If you want to go even further and truly enhance your home entertainment setup you’re gonna want a sweet, sweet chair to watch it all in.

Seatcraft has a new luxury home theater chair this holiday season called the Equinox Equinox.  On top of looking incredibly comfortable, it has a slew of built in features to make it more than just a place to plant your butt for movie watching: 

Equinox Features

Home theaters, man caves, and she-sheds are all about relaxation, which starts with a great seat. Luxury home theater seating brand Seatcraft recently debuted their industry-first Equinox by Seatcraft. In addition to the exclusive features in the fully-loaded chair like built in charging station and grade 700 leather, they launched a new technology – power lumbar support, designed to adjust and support evenly against the lower back natural curvature to reduce strain, improve comfort and relaxation. The power adjustable headrests are key for movie lovers, sports fans, gamers, and more, allowing them to recline and still keep view of their screen. These seats make a great “for each other” gift this holiday season!

Say the chair is a tad out of your gift shopping budget, but you still want to get something cool for the movie lover in your life….There’s the SoundShaker.  It’s a sound box that’s able to attached to ANY chair/couch in your house (so you don’t have to have the Equinox to take advantage of it), and will vibrate your seat in sync with the action on screen:

spread preview

SoundShaker allows you to experience movies and sports at home like never before. SoundShaker is a sound transducer that allows your seats to vibrate in synchronization with on-screen action. A fully immersive watching experience makes you feel like you’re right in the action, feeling every explosion, touchdown, or car chase. The best part? SoundShaker can be attached to any seat or couch! And it hooks up to any standard audio connection, making it an easy gift for the home!

Sure, these may be a bit over the top, but if you’re building out a home theater, or looking for something to make your entertainment room stand out, these new products from Seatcraft will absolutely do the trick.