Geek Pick of the Week: Game of Thrones – Six Kingdoms Collectible Whisky

Perhaps the greatest collaborations with the Game of Thrones license are the special edition adult beverages, and this December brings a new Single-Malt whisky to try. 

I love whiskey and I love Game of Thrones, so the combination of the two is always awesome. It’s not the first time the franchise has partnered with distilleries to give fans something special. Hell, earlier this year Johnnie Walker released a special White Walker branded whiskey for fans to pick up.

Today, however, I’m spotlighting something even more special. Announced earlier this week, Diageo revealed their latest in a line-up of Limited Edition Single Malt Scotch Whiskey. These are always impressive, coming in a special container that fans of the series go wild for. The newest one, The Six Kingdoms, is no different and will definitely make for a special gift for the Game of Thrones fan on your shopping list:

Encased in a metallic gold cannister that features an intricate pen and ink drawing of the three-eyed raven, seen throughout the eight seasons of the series, the Six Kingdoms packaging pays homage to the last Greenseer and the independence of the North, which stands alone under The Queen in the North, leaving a reconfigured landscape known as The Six Kingdoms. The three-eyed raven exists with the gaze of a thousand eyes and only sees beyond the constraints of time to unravel the intricate stories that hold the tapestry of Westeros together.
“Eight fantastic scotches toasted the coming of the final season of the show, and we now look back on the most captivating television show of all time and raise a ninth glass in celebration,” said Jeff Peters, Vice President, Licensing & Retail at HBO
On the ancient hills of Dufftown lies the hallowed Mortlach Distillery. Mortlach, built on the site of a historic battle and the first distillery to legitimately rule over Dufftown’s whisky trade, has equally been influenced by important historical figures. George and Alexander Cowie were integral influences for both the distillery and surrounding community, with George holding the esteemed title of Provost and Alexander developing Mortlach’s signature method to distil the liquid exactly 2.81 times—a complex process as unique as the three-eyed raven character.

Game of Thrones Six Kingdoms – Mortlach Aged 15 Years will be available in extremely limited quantities nationwide this December, coming in at $150 for 750ml. You can pre-order now through, or by checking with your local store.

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