Geek Pick of the Week: Tervis’ Baby Yoda Tumblers

Our final Geek Pick of the Week for 2019 brings us to the galaxy far, far away with the most adorable drinkware featuring the real star of The Mandalorian.

The bulk of Baby Yoda merchandise from the Disney+ series, The Mandalorian, won’t be available until next year, but Tervis is here to help you out. Launched earlier this month, Tervis has given fans a handful of designs to choose from, while bringing the quality drinkware they’re known for.

The four different designs are fairly straight forward and you can snag them in just about any kind of Tervis cup that you want. From stainless steel to the plastic travel cup, no matter how you prefer to keep your beverage in hand, they have what you need:

Tervis was kind enough to send me a couple different models, and after a week and a half of acting like I had no other cups in my kitchen, I can’t help but recommend them. Tervis always brings the quality with their products and they work exactly as expected. The stainless steel cup is my favorite, keeping my drinks cold for very long periods of time (seriously, I went to bed one night with ice in my cup, and the cubes were still there in the morning).

I love the cartoony design more than the realistic one, but that’s just me. No matter which style you go with, this is a great way to show your love of Star Wars‘ most engaging new character while we wait for the toy companies to catch up in 2020.

The Mandalorian “The Child” cups are available now directly from the Tervis site, or wherever they’re sold in retail outlets. While ordering online probably won’t get there in time for Christmas, if you can find them in stores, they’d make for EXCELLENT gifts. I know plenty of fans who’d love to see this under their tree.

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