Hasbro Goes to the 80s for Star Wars: Droids Inspired Figures

Hasbro has revealed some new toys recapturing the magic of the 80s cartoon, Star Wars: Droids!

As part of their ongoing Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary celebration, Hasbro has revealed some new retro-themed Star Wars figures. This time, they’re pulling from one of the franchise’s first foray into animation, Star Wars: Droids.

Boba Fett is getting a new Black Series figure for this release, capturing his animated design and packaged in the same way we got those comic/publishing themed figures (which I absolutely loved).

On top of that, we’ll get some Vintage Collection releases as well. Included is a smaller version of that same Boba Fett and the animated versions of R2-D2 and C-3PO who are the stars of the show.

This entire line is a Target exclusive, so get your ordering fingers ready (I’ve included direct links to the product pages), when they go live tomorrow! Will you be picking these up?

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