Hasbro Unveils More Upcoming Star Wars Figures

During their Star Wars Fan First livestream this morning, Hasbro revealed some upcoming Black Series and Vintage Collection figures for fans.

If you missed out on Hasbro’s livestream even this morning, there were quite a few things on display. While it seems to be plenty of repacks, repaints, and variants of molds we already have, there are still some super neat editions to the various lines collector’s (like me) will “ooh” and “ahh” over.

First up, let’s take a look at some of the new stuff coming to The Vintage Collection 3.75inch line of figures. From our first look at some of the “pipeline” figures previously announced and even a troop-builder friendly four-pack, these figures continue to look ridiculously impressive. All of these are set to arrive in Spring 2022 at most major retailers and online.

On top of those, a handful of TVC exclusive figures were announced as well. I really love the Princess Leia figure and how it goes back to that old Power of the Force II line of packaging. This one will be a fan channel figure (so at select online stores) at some point in Spring 2022. They also have a new slate of Carbonized Mandalorian Vintage Collection figures that will be coming to Walmart this Fall.

On the Black Series side of things, The Mandalorian gets the main focus of today’s announcements, but fans of the Gaming Greats line also have a new Jet Trooper to pick up from GameStop in Spring 2022. Also in the six-inch line is a new deluxe two-pack featuring The Mandalorian and Grogu from their encounter with the Mudhorn. On top of the mud-deco, fans are getting an all new head sculpt for Grogu, showing his concentration while using the Force.

The Credit Collection line is also making a return in Spring 2022! Now, I know this line is for everyone, and yeah…they’re just repaints of other figures. That said, I absolutely love these figures. Taking on the appearance from the concept art from the end of the episodes, it’s just a neat idea that offers something a bit different.

Last, but certainly not least, the final big reveal for the livestream is a new Force FX Elite Lightsaber! This is one I’ve been wanting since The Rise of Skywalker released (almost two years ago now) as it features my favorite Lightsaber color. The Rey Skywalker Saber is launching in the Spring, but looks insane. The amount of detail on this one is crazy, and even recreates the color changing aspect in the hilt upon “activating” it. Definitely going to have to put this one on my pre-order list.

Pre-orders for just about all of these are going live tomorrow afternoon. Which of the new announcements are you most excited about picking up?

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