LEGO Reveals 6 New Harry Potter Sets Coming This August

This morning, LEGO revealed a handful of new Harry Potter themed sets to recreate some of your favorite magical moments in brick form.

Harry Potter fans have something more to look forward to later this Summer as LEGO has revealed six new building sets to enjoy. Ranging from small to castle sized, and even a recreation of Harry’s beloved Owl, Hedwig, there’s something for everyone to love:

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Room of Requirement ($19.99|193 Pieces) – Slide the panel to reveal the hidden entrance to the Room of Requirement and join Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood for secret Defense Against the Dark Arts practice!

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Astronomy Tower ($29,99|253 Pieces) – Visit Potions Master Horace Slughorn’s classroom and office, check out the magical mandrake in the greenhouse, then explore the Ravenclaw dorm and the cool astronomy equipment.

LEGO Harry Potter Forbidden Forest: Umbridge’s Encounter ($99.99|971 Pieces) – Trick Professor Umbridge into entering the Forbidden Forest and introduce her to Grawp and a few centaurs.

LEGO Harry Potter 4 Privet Drive ($69.99|797 Pieces) – Explore 4 Privet Drive, the Dursley family’s home, and discover a whirlwind of excitement!

LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig ($39.99|630 Pieces) – Capture the magical personality and elegant movement of Hedwig, the celebrated owl from the Harry Potter films. Available exclusively from Barnes and Noble in the US and many other retailers globally.

LEGO Harry Potter Attack on The Burrow ($99.99|1047 Pieces) – Explore the crazy, colourful Weasley house with Harry, Ron and the rest of the family and help protect it from the Death Eaters. Available exclusively from Target in the US and many other retailers globally.

All of these sets will be available starting on August 1st, but you can start pre-orders on beginning on April 30th. Which of these new Harry Potter sets are you looking forward to picking up?

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