Mondo Reveals a Fight Club Card Game Launching in September

Mondo has been killing it with their line of table-top games based on major movies. While we wait for their epic looking Jurassic Park game to launch, we’ll be able to play this neat looking Fight Club card game next month: 

Fight Club Card Game Art

Become “complete” or “hit bottom” in Fight Club: The Home Game, a 2-player competitive deck-building card game. You will choose to embody one side of a split personality competing for control of a single mind.

Take on the role of either The Narrator or Tyler Durden as you play a game of tug of war with dual-use cards available in a shared draw row. The Narrator side feeds the need to collect, gather, and nest, while the Tyler side enables destruction, mayhem, and ultimately letting go by hitting bottom on a shared tracker both players struggle to dominate.

The game comes packed with over 140 cards (Basic, Sleep/Insomnia, Fight and Marla), a fold-out instruction poster, “Slide” tracker board and a Soap Tracker piece.

Will you be picking this up to play next month? 


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