New Star Wars: The Black Series Figures Revealed at Celebration

Hasbro isn’t slowing down on their 6-inch Black Series line of figures.  As they revealed they’ve launched roughly 160 figures in the line, they also showed off some of the new figures fans will be able to pick up this year.  They were also kind enough to shoot us over the high resolution images for you to enjoy: 

{gallery}Black Series 2017{/gallery} 

We have the Luke/Landspeeder that was revealed earlier last week, along with Thrawn (who’s also getting a special box with bonus goodies exclusively at SDCC), Grand Moff Tarkin (finally), a Battlefront II tie-in exclusive to GameStop, Clone Commander Gree, and our first look at the 2016 fan’s choice winner, Jaina Solo.  All of these are looking pretty amazing and I can’t wait to finally get my hands on them.  Considering Jaina is a character from the old books (Legends), I’m impressed with how they brought her visage to life and I can’t wait to track it down.

vintage collection tall 1

Sadly, we didn’t get a look at any The Last Jedi toys this time around (that won’t happen until closer to Force Friday II), but collectors should be pleased to hear that the incredibly popular “Vintage Collection” line of super articulated 3.75 inch figures will FINALLY make a return in 2018.  The first figure in the revived line will be Rey (sorry, they didn’t send a hi-res pic of it), but fans can vote for the next figure at a number of places; so let them know who you want to see!

As always, there’s a lot of cool things coming up for fans and collectors to gobble up, though combining all of this along with their previously announced line-up and the upcoming Last Jedi toys and my wallet is already feeling the pain.  Which of these new figures are you looking forward to most?