S0leb Unboxes Gamestop’s Exclusive DOOM Eternal Statute

Welcome to another unboxing video, this time we are here with the recently released GameStop/ThinkGeek Exclusive Doom Slayer…Doom Eternal Statue. I have been waiting to get my hands on this amazing statue since E3 2019 and I can’t believe it is finally here!

Over the next few months, we will be doing more unboxings, hopefully DOOM related, and count down the days till DOOM Eternal releases on March 20th! Please check back here soon for more DOOM related content, Grillin and Chillin’s, GamePlayCorners, and more!

It’s just an ordinary day. You wake up in your own bed, you pull on your suit, and you go to work. Except that the “bed” is an enormous sarcophagus with thick iron bands and a glowing red symbol.

Your “suit” is a mysterious combat armor unearthed from an ancient abyss. And “work” is punching, ripping, tearing, stomping, sawing, and blasting your way through every demon in your path. You’re the legendary warrior demons fear: the DOOM Slayer.

This latest addition to our Modern Icon series pays tribute to 25 years of killing demons by gamers who battled the hordes of Hell in the epic video game franchise, DOOM. Wearing his Praetor Suit, the legendary DOOM Slayer hunts demons with his signature Super Shotgun gripped in one hand and an arm-mounted blade attached to the other. Get your limited-edition DOOM Slayer statue while you still can.

-Modern Icons #11 – DOOM Slayer Statue

-Officially-licensed DOOM merchandise -A ThinkGeek / GameStop exclusive

-Chronicle Collectibles

-Part of the Modern Icons Statue Collection

-Designed using Bethesda’s 3D game assets

-Materials: Injection plastics