Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys Reveals Several New Star Wars Figures

Sideshow/Hot Toys are celebrating Star Wars Day by coming for your wallet with a handful of new reveals from The Bad Batch to The Mandalorian.

If there’s one thing you can count on for Star Wars Day, it’s finding new collectibles to throw your money at. Sideshow and Hot Toys always brings the goods with the high end statues/figures and have kicked off the day with several new reveals:

Star Wars: The Mandalorian– The Blurrg!

Blurrgs are two-legged beasts of burden found on a number of worlds in the galaxy. Stoic and strong, they are used for everything from agricultural labor to war, foraging lazily in paddocks or carrying Twi’lek guerrillas and clone troopers into battle. Although they appear harmless and docile, their toothy mouths can betray a fierce demeanor.

This incredibly detailed and highly accurate 1/6 scale Blurrg figure is available as a stand-alone figure, or paired with The Mandalorian himself, Din Djarin as part of a deluxe collectible set.

The 1/6th scale Blurrg figure, and the Mandalorian & Blurrg Collectible Set are both available for pre-order via Sideshow.

Grogu Collectible Set

This is a must-have set for any Star Wars fan, which opens up a wealth of display and posing options for your Mandalorian-themed collection.

The 1/6 scale Grogu Collectible Set is available for pre-order via Sideshow.

The Mandalorian – Stormtrooper Commander

When the Mandalorian brought Grogu to the planet of Tython™, they were tracked by Moff Gideon™ and a unit of remnant Stormtroopers™ who were sent to re-capture the child.

The 1/6th scale Stormtrooper Commander features weathered Imperial armor, two blaster rifles, and a distinctive orange pauldron of rank.

The 1/6th scale Stormtrooper Commander is available for pre-order via Sideshow.

The Bad Batch – Echo

Former ARC Trooper, Echo joined the Bad Batch towards the end of the Clone Wars after his dramatic rescue from the Techno Union. Echo’s detailed knowledge of military tactics and strategy provides valuable insight, while his cybernetic implants give him the unique ability to interact with computer systems.

In celebration of Star Wars Day and The Bad Batch animation series’ debut on Disney+, Hot Toys has introduced Echo as the very first in a new line of 1/6th scale Television Masterpiece Series collectibles.

The 1/6 Echo figure is available for pre-order via Sideshow.

Lastly, Sideshow has a stunning new Premium Format figure featuring Ahsoka Tano!

Inspired by the fan-favorite character as she appeared in Star Wars: Rebels™, this limited-edition, fully sculpted figure is 19.5” tall and depicts Ahsoka Tano wielding her distinctive dual lightsabers and standing ready for action atop a Malachor-themed display base.

A Sideshow Exclusive Edition of the Ahsoka Tano Premium Format Figure will also include a sculpted Morai. Ahsoka’s convor companion is perched on its own Malachor-themed base, and sits alongside the Togruta to create a beautiful centerpiece to any Star Wars™ collection.

The Ahsoka statue is up for pre-order now on Sideshow.

Which of these are you going to pick up?

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