There’s an Official Line of ‘Godzilla’ Squishmallows and They’re Adorable

There’s an official line of Godzilla Squishmallows now and they’re just as adorable as they sound.

There’s been a number of Godzilla toys released over the years, and now we can add an official Squishmallow line to the mix. That’s right, it’s been revealed that there’s an official line of Godzilla Squishmallows and they’re being released by Toy Drops.

You can see a picture of the line below.

As you can see, the line consists of Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, Mothra, and Roman, all transformed into adorable Squishmallow forms. They retail for $19.99 a piece and there’s a limit of 2 when you order each one.

Will you be picking up any of the Godzilla Squishmallows?
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