Toy Review Tuesday: Spider-Man and Leopaldon

Here’s something I’ve had my eye on for quite some time but never pulled the trigger on. This is the Soul of Chogokin Spider-Man and Leopaldon set from Bandai. You get a lot in this set and a ton of playability. First off you get two types of Spider-Man figures, two types of Spider-Machines, plus a transforming battle base that turns into a robot packed with a ton of die cast metal. 

Seriously the Japanese Spider-Man series is one of my favorite series combining so many of my loves. I mean come on transforming robots, giant robots, and Spider-Man. Not to mention cheesy super sentai fighting, yeah I said it. This set was released back in 2006 but you can find it out there for roughly 120 to 160 bucks. If this is your jam I recommend it highly. This is a great set and worth the money. 

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-Jason The X

If you got a problem with my pronunciation of the Japanese words, don’t tell me I should be ashamed being half Japanese. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @JasonTheX

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