The Fathergamer Podcast #37 GoFundMe, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Comics and More

Welcome to another episode of TFGP!

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In this weeks episode Mike and Eric discuss the reasons behind our GoFundMe campaign.

In this weeks “WHAT’S IN YOUR SYSTEM“, Eric talks about his love for Wolfenstein: The New Order. He also talks a bit about his time with Valiant Hearts. Mike gives his opinions on Okami and American McGee’s Alice for the PS3.

We also tackle the latest news in gaming, movies and television.

This week also brings back our TFGP Fresh Ink segment. What comics should you be reading? Find out in this episode.

This week’s artist spotlight is Hey Geronimo. Please check out this band on their Facebook page.

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 Once again, thank you for listening and as always, Achieve Greatness