Capturing 360 Degree Video/Images Becomes Easier (and Cheaper) Than Ever

If you’ve ever wanted to take pictures, or even video in the swanky new 360° format, your time may have arrived.  Fishball 360 has launched on Indiegogo and already over it’s 50% funding mark with 20 days left to go.  Unlike other devices out there, this one clips onto your iPhone, and uses optics to achieve the desired effect.  This means there’s no mechanical element that needs to be charged or sync up to your phone.  Simply snap it on, use the free Fishball app and start recording.  

If you’re interested in snagging one, you’d best get on it quick, as the Early Bird pricing means you can purchase the thing for $39, rather than it’s final anticipated retail price of $99 when the campaign is over.  Check out their official Indiegogo page for more details, and to help fund this nifty device.