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Geek Pick of the Week: The Star Wars Archives 1999-2005

Our latest Geek Pick of the Week is the brand new TOME from Taschen and Paul Duncan, chronicling the making of the Star Wars...

Wacom’s Newest Pen Display Also Connects to Your Mobile Devices

Working/drawing on the go is getting even easier thanks to Wacom's newly revealed display tablet, the Wacom One. Come inside to learn more! At CES...

New Filmmaker Mode Coming to TV Sets Next Year

Filmmakers like Christopher Nolan, Rian Johnson, James Cameron, Ava DuVernay, and more have joined with the UHD Alliance to develop a new Filmmaker Mode...

Wacom Reveals Updated Intuos Tablets With Impressive Software Bundles


If you're in the market for a great drawing tablet, without breaking the bank, Wacom's newly upgraded Intuos tablets have launched with everything you need to get started. Come inside to learn more!

Kodak Reveals new Digital Scanner That Takes Film to HD Digital...


If you have a bunch of film lying around but looking to convert them to a more managable digital format, Kodak has revealed the Scanza, a digital scanner that works for everything from 35mm to 8mm. Come inside to learn more.

Capturing 360 Degree Video/Images Becomes Easier (and Cheaper) Than Ever


Whether it's for filmmaking or gaming, being able to take quick videos using the latest tech is always a priority for people. If you want to get in on the latest in 360° imaging without breaking the bank, the Fishball could be exactly what you need.  Come inside for more information!

Writer/Director Nathan Silver On The Fate and Form of Thirst Street


Thirst Street, a sordid trauma study with a twist on fairy tale idealizations, denotes a significant departure from Silver’s unbound form to something more staged and mannered. As the fate of Silver’s characters come to question, and the fabled nature of fate itself does too, we endure a Silver tragedy at its most pre-designed. 

From his usual outlines to a 25 page treatment, Thirst Street still maintains some of Silver's unscripted sensibilities. Dialogue was improvised. Shots were intuited on the day, guided by the atmosphere of a setting and the emotional necessities of a scene. Still it maintains a form, with a stylized beginning & end, and a more fluid, naturalistic, midsection. 

Nathan details the use of these new formal elements, the ways which they apply thematically to Thirst Street, and their current and hoped for evolutions in his future work. 

Thirst Street follows Gina (Lindsay Burge) an American flight attendant who, after the suicide of her husband, finds a dream in Paris worth living for. But, as we quickly discover, that dream ends up being just one in a slew of questionable authenticities. 

D.P Andrew Droz Palermo on prepping and re-adapting for A Ghost...


Would you have guessed the bulk of A Ghost Story’s aesthetic was decided on set, day to day? I wouldn’t have, and I didn’t. The fact derailed everything I thought I knew about cinematographer Andrew Droz Palermo (You’re Next, Rich Hill, A Teacher) and Writer/Director David Lowery’s ( Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Pete’s Dragon) formal motivations and forced the interview to operate in a spontaneous mode similar to the film’s production.

Wacom Announces New Large Cintiq Pro Models for 2018


Wacom has formally announced the next step in their popular Cintiq line of professional drawing tablets, bringing forth some upgrades people have been waiting for, including 4K resolution and a signifcantly larger display/workspace.  

Arri’s Alexa SXT-W Will streamline Wireless and improve ergonomics


The Alexa SXT-W’s (W for Wireless) primary addition to the already exceptional Arri SXT platform, is the addition of a built-in three-radio system that works harmoniously to avoid the usual interference. A built in, low-latency, 10 bit, HDR video transmitter, WiFi, and ECS (Arri’s Camera+Lens Control system) comprise the three and hopes to improve upon the SXT’s ergonomics by reducing the need for external cabling and video transmitters.