Wacom Announces New Large Cintiq Pro Models for 2018

Near the end of last year, Wacom launched the MobileStudio Pros, a line-up of more portable workstations with all the best tech.  They’re pretty darn great (just check out my review), but some have been wanting a new upgrade for their Cintiq work tablets and yesterday, Wacom revealed they’re coming.  

While you’ll have to wait until next year to get your hands on them, the first details on the new Cintiq Pro tablets have arrived.  First and foremost, these things are going to be big, coming in both 24 and 32 inch models that will incorporate stunning 4K displays.  With edge to edge glass display, you’ll be able to utilize all of the workspace for your projects.  It’ll be damn swanky, and certainly something professionals will be eager to get their hands on next year. 

Beginning 2018, Wacom will expand the Cintiq Pro lineup. Designed for creative professionals seeking a larger digital canvas, the new 24 and 32-inch Cintiq Pros will join the previously introduced 13 and 16-inch models to form a comprehensive range of sizes for every need. In a first for the company, Wacom will unveil a series of behind the scenes details across the next six months to build awareness and excitement for the products.

Answering the demand of professional artists, designers and illustrators, Wacom will expand the Cintiq family with two large creative pen displays – offering digital content creators a platform with enough room and the natural feel they need to produce unparalleled art and design. Wacom will roll out exclusive behind the scenes details during the lead-up to availability.

Bigger, bolder, better

The new Cintiq Pro 24 and 32-inch models are based on brilliant 4k displays with a billion colors and maximum color accuracy. The edge-to-edge glass screens open up space for unlimited creativity and production. The new members of the creative pen display family will not only grow in size, but more importantly also bring the unrivaled Pro Pen 2 technology to the big screens. Prices will range from $1,999 to $3,299 USD.

They’ll be updating throughout the next few months with behind the scenes videos, which you can keep up with on their main site


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