Hands-On With the Wacom One Pen Display (Video Review)

In our latest tech review, Jordan tests out Wacom’s all new Wacom One Pen Display Tablet (revealed during this year’s CES). From sketching, to full color work, we put Wacom’s budget tablet through its paces.

Wacom revealed their latest pen display tablet during this year’s CES (just a few weeks ago) and they were kind enough to send one my way to test and tell you all about. The primary idea behind this pen display is: budget/introduction.

This doesn’t come with all the oomph of their other models (most recently the Cintiq 16 Pen Display), but it comes in at their cheapest price ever for a Pen Display. It works as a second display for your computer, laptop, or even certain mobile devices.

Sadly I wasn’t able to test out the mobile aspect, which I feel is one of its most compelling new features. It’s only compatible for certain Android devices (none of with I had) and also requires some tricky cable connections. Even so, it’s a very unique feature that goes to the portability factor of the pen display tablet and gives creators more options than ever. So that’s definitely a big point in its favor.

Overall, it’s a solid working Pen Display, though if you’ve used more robust Wacom tablets in the past, the Wacom One‘s limitations are more apparent. With more limited customization options, and a screen that’s a tad on the darker side, those who already have a Wacom Pen Display might not find much reason to pick this one up. If you’re just getting started, or simply need a more portable option, the Wacom One is a solid choice.

To learn more about the Wacom One, be sure to check out their site. To purchase, you can do so via their online store, or from Amazon.

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