One by Wacom Now Compatible with Chromebooks

Wacom has announced that one of their newest tablets is now the first one compatible with Google’s Chrome OS.

Well this is just super neat, especially these days. The company behind some of the best digital tablets around have announced that their One by Wacom (not to be confused with the Wacom One) tablet is now compatible with the Chrome Operating System. That means you can actually use their incredible drawing tablet on a Chromebook.

It seems small, but considering the prevalence of Chromebooks (which I’m using right now to write this up) and their easy to use format, it’s a smart move. As many schools/students are having to work virtually, this seems like a great tool for students to make use of. This is especially true because the small model of this tablet is a ridiculously affordable $60 (one of the cheapest Wacom’s you can snag).

Wacom continues to expand its efforts to support the education sector with the necessary solutions and services to create teacher and student-friendly technology for the digital classroom. As a next important step, Wacom announced today that its One by Wacom pen tablet is the first Wacom device to be fully compatible with Chromebooks and holds the Works With Chromebook certification. To help teachers and students to get the most from using a Wacom pen in education, Wacom is building a library of content consolidating all information on Wacom for Education with Chromebook and launched a Teachers for Teachers support network. And to meet the wide-ranging requirements of the education sector, school administrators and institutional buyers now have access to all Wacom products through one point of contact – from stand-alone tools for teachers and students to integrated solutions for schools and institutions.

“Digitalization has great benefits for the education sector. But it has proven to be challenging,” says Faik Karaoglu, Executive Vice President of Wacom’s Branded Business. “As a pioneer of digital pen technology, Wacom is committed to provide teachers, students and administrators with reliable, sustainable and easy to use solutions. The new compatibility with Wacom pen tablets and displays will make creating, working and teaching digitally as natural and intuitive as possible and offer users more possibilities to work with their Chromebook.”

Wacom and Chromebook take digital learning to the next level
The digital pen is a powerful tool in education. It allows teachers and students to incorporate natural handwriting for note-taking and annotation and lets them solve math problems, draw diagrams and explain themselves visually as intuitively online as they would in class on the blackboard. Especially STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) benefit a great deal from the use of a digital pen.

Combining a One by Wacom pen tablet with the advantages of Chromebook offers students and teachers a valuable upgrade to their existing set up and provides schools with a worry-free solution – be it on premise, in hybrid scenarios or for teaching and learning from home. Together they work with a wealth of online educational tools, so that teachers and students can easily connect, interact and collaborate from different locations and across multiple devices in real time.

Chromebooks give students, teachers and administrators a simple yet powerful solution for fast, intuitive, and easy-to-manage computing at a low total cost of ownership. And even though recent Chromebooks are often enabled with pens that work on their build-in screen, users now have an option to attach a simple accessory in case they want to upgrade or complement their Chromebooks with dedicated pen input on a separate surface other than the main screen. Wacom is therefore working with Google to expand compatibility to include additional Wacom devices and bring more pen tablets and displays to a growing group of Chromebook users.

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