Pre-orders for the VZR Model One Gaming Headset Are Now Open

An all-new, all-powerful gaming headset from VZR is set to release in July. You can pre-order yours now. More details below…

Back in 2014, former Apple Lead Acoustics Engineer Vic Tiscareno founded a new audio products company, alongside veterans of Apple, THX, SRS Labs, Samsung Design Lab, and THQ called VZR. Their mission was to deliver audiophile quality headphones at a price that wouldn’t break the bank.

Fast forward 7 years later, VZR is on the precipice of achieving that mission with the upcoming release of their first Audiophile Gaming Headset, the VZR Model One. VZR announced to that pre-orders for the product are now open with a new video.

For full details on features and specs, see below:

The VZR Model One achieves a no-compromise design that delivers detailed sound to help gamers win, and a high-fidelity audio experience to enjoy music and produce audio. Patented CrossWaveTM technology, a proprietary acoustic lens design, reshapes audio waves to emulate how ears perceive sound in real life and does so from any analog audio source.
The VZR Model One delivers realistic positional audio that enhances spatial awareness, along with audio clarity strong enough for users to discern subtle cues other gaming headsets wouldn’t pick up. The VZR Model One also features a detachable boom mic equipped with an acoustic, patent-pending noise-canceling design, ensuring a clear voice sound for gaming with others, complete with a handy mute switch.
Meanwhile, the headphones provide an accurate and natural frequency response tuned to a proprietary VZR target that faithfully represents music for both listening and audio production purposes.  Thanks to CrossWave, the VZR Model One provides improved separation, openness and accurate 3D spatial positioning akin to a reference speaker system, all without digitally altering the audio source.
VZR Model One consists of superior components, with custom, individually matched, 40 millimeter drivers alongside lightweight copper aluminum wiring that provide low distortion and wide bandwidth. The cables and microphone are modular components, detachable for easy storage. Custom, angled earpads designed with comfort and acoustic performance in mind enhance bass and lower overall heat build-up.

The VZR Model One Audiophile Gaming Headset will ship in the U.S. on July 29, 2021. These headsets will be available to areas outside of the U.S. later in 2021. You can pre-order the VZR Model One here for $349.