The Z Brings About One of the Most Powerful PC Gaming Mice Around

Being that I’m not the biggest PC gamer around (I like my consoles), the vast assortment of gaming mice out there has always looked intimidating to me.  The Z, looks like the Grand-daddy of them all, however, allowing for hundreds of button configurations all easily accessible with only minute finger motions.  If you’re an MMO player or RTS gamer, this thing has all kinds of nifty tricks up its sleeve:

Yes, it’s on Kickstarter, but you don’t really have to worry as The Z has already made it’s funding goal, meaning any money you put towards it just means you’re buying the product.  Even as a primarily console gamer, I can see the advantages of The Z mouse and anxious to see how it plays.  

What do you guys think?  You can find out more information, and order your own, over on their Kickstarter page!