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48 Hours Left to Snag New CyberPunk Comic Eliteware!

If you're looking out for some brand new original comic book action with some cyberpunk flair, you've got 48 hours left to snag the first two issues for only $5. Come inside for more details. 

Iron Harvest Launches on Kickstarter, Promising Classic RTS Awesomeness

Real Time Strategy games have changed over the years, but sometimes it's great to get back to basics. Iron Harvest seeks to combine the classic RTS gameplay with modern technology.

Compulab’s Airtop2 Inferno Mini-PC Launches on Kickstarter

A new compact computer, that promises the latest and greatest hardware with fanless/noise free cooling has launched on Kickstarter and it might be exactly what you need.  Come inside to learn more about it!

TFGP Episode 77: Black Suit of Death,Augmented Empire, Final Thoughts on...

In this episode of TFGP we interview Benjamin Kreger from Warrior Innkeeper Creative, Tom Beardsmore of Coatsink, and Eric and Matt give their final thoughts on E3 2017.

An Apocalypse Now Video Game is in the Works; Kickstarter Begins

In a fun turn of events, Francis Ford Coppola's 1979 classic, Apocalypse Now is about to begin the process of joining the video game family.  Come inside for more!

Interview with Gray Bear Comics

While at the Brazos Valley Comic Con in Bryan, Texas a member of TFGP got an interview with new comic book creators, Gray Bear Comics.

SPUD Puts a Portable, Pop-Up Monitor in Your Hand

If you're looking for a monitor that's easy to move around, your solution may have finally arrived with SPUD.  The portable, fold-up monitor seeks to put a high resolution display in the palm of your hand.  Come inside to learn more about this cool new tech.  

The Z Brings About One of the Most Powerful PC Gaming...

There's a brand new gaming mouse coming to the market, the first of its kind to allow for tilt, roll, pivot, and even the ability to sense how hard you click the buttons.  The Z may be just what you need for all your PC game needs.  Come inside to learn more! 

Dream Arcade’s New Console Puts Thousands of Retro Games at Your...

If you're on the hunt for a new retro gaming console, or something to fill in your arcade gaming needs, then Dream Arcade has exactly what you're looking for with a new line of Dreamcade machines that have hit Kickstarter.  Come inside to learn more!

Less Than 50% to Go For Cinema of Attractions Kickstarter!

If you haven't heard, our Cinema of Attractions card game is back up on Kickstater and we're already past the half-way point!  We still need your help, however, to make it happen...

PlayStation 5 Release Date, Rumors, and More! | 2nd Opinion Podcast...

The 2nd Opinion Podcast is back and this time we're talking about the next-generation consoles, gaming rumors, and more! We have yet to get...