VEIKK Studio VK2200 Pro is an Impressive Pen Display | Review

In our latest video review we’re taking on the latest release from VEIKK, the VK2200 Pro Pen Display Tablet, which makes a strong case for competing with Wacom.

I recently had the chance to check out VEIKK’s newest pen display tablet (thanks to them sending it my way). It’s easily the biggest pen display I’ve had the chance to check out and I came away impressed with this company I hand’t heard of before:

The 21.5 inch display brings the goods as a secondarly display, offering 1080p resolution, along with plenty of adjustment options to get the best out of the screen. This comes in handy for artists, and the expanded room allows for a broad canvas to work with. It’s super simple to get started (almost plug in and play), without any big complications to worry about.

The VK2200 Pro provides an excellent drawing surface that captures that paper feel without being slippery or loose when the pen is hitting the surface. The built-in display stand makes for a nice addition as well, allowing for multiple degrees of height for artist preferences.

To learn more about VEIKK and their other products, be sure to head to their Website. The VK2200 Pro is available now for $470 and can be purchased directly from VEIKK.

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