Cover Art Revealed for Elden Ring Official Art Books

Today UDON revealed the stunning cover art that graces the English-language edition of Elden Ring Official Art Book Volumes 1 and 2!

Featuring stunning illustrations from Elden Ring, UDON’s English-language editions interior contents will match the Japanese editions. They include gorgeous concept and character artwork, illustrated lists of items, weapons, characters and enemies, and so much more!

Elden Ring Official Art Book Volume 1 and Volume 2 will be released to online and physical booksellers everywhere this summer, 2023. 


But…for those fans who want a truly special edition of this work, is thrilled to announce that the UDON Store Exclusive Elden Ring Official Art Book Volume 1 & 2 Set will now be contained in a gorgeous metallic foil slipcase, and the set will also include an 8” X 10” inch metallic print featuring the epic battle of Malenia fighting Radahn from Elden Ring’s opening cinematic!

Will you be pre ordering these gorgeous art books from UDON?

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Becky O'Brien
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