Hey Kids, Comics! #205 – Strange Days Indeed

By now you have had plenty of time to go out and see Doctor Strange.  Probably more than once.  None the less I am morally obliged to pronounce a SPOILER ALERT for this issue of Hey Kids, Comics! against the contengency that you have not. – JediCole

On this issue of the show, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston, along with special guest Catherine Houston, talk up the latest (and perhaps greatest) of the Marvel movies to date, Doctor Strange.  


By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, what did your hosts think of the arrival of mysticism into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?  Did Bendict Cubmerbritches’ performance of Dr. Stephen Strange wow them more than his stylish good looks and Britishness?  These and other questions are answered, after a fashion, in this episode!

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