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Hey Kids, Comics! #210 – Aisle of Toys


When your four-color favorites make the jump from the two dimentional page to three dimentional toys, there is cause for fanboy celebration.  That is the focus of the latest Hey Kids, Comics!

Hey Kids, Comics! #205 – Strange Days Indeed


Hey Kids, Comics! is back at last!  Look for the show to catch up a bit on Cinelinx this week as posts to the site slowed during the Thanksgiving holiday.  #206 will show up here on Friday.

Hey Kids, Comics! #204 – Creator Spotlight #6: The Man....


The Hey Kids, Comics! Creator Spotlight shines anew, and this time on a living legend in the industry, Stan "The Man" Lee!

Hey Kids, Comics! #203 – Cage Match


Hey Kids, Comics! returns to chill with Netflix as Andy and Cole talk up Jessica Jones (long overdue) and Luke Cage!

The Rantcor Pit #56 – Malice in the Palace


Delayed due to technical issues, the latest episode of The Rantcor Pit has arrived with a bit of a Halloween twist, due to the volume of unusual creatures discussed.

Hey Kids, Comics! #201 – World Bizarre


This am the show me hate! - Bizarro

Hey Kids, Comics! is back with a look at one of Superman's most curious villains ever.

Every “Hey Kids, Comics!” Episode in One Place!


Have you enjoyed Hey Kids, Comics! Countdown to 200?  Wondered how you can catch up on every single issue of the show (206 so far) from #0 to 200, plus Annuals and Crossover Specials?  

Hey Kids, Comics! #196 – HKC! Team-Up #8: Fantastic Four


For the eighth time in the history of Hey Kids, Comics! a super-hero team is explored at length.  Marvel's "First Family" has not yet fallen under the spotlight, so they were a natural choice for the latest edition of this recurring feature.  

The Little Mermaid: Against The Tide – Interview With Author J....

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks to bestselling author J. Elle all about her latest book, a tie-in to the huge...