Hey Kids, Comics! #196 – HKC! Team-Up #8: Fantastic Four

The countdown to issue #200 of the show begins on Cinelinx at #196.  By way of catching up, more issues will be posted two to three a week until the current episodes appear here and on the JCU site the same week.

First appearing 55 years ago this November, Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Invisible Girl, and the Thing have had a long and storied history.  So grab a seat on the “family and friends” rocket to the stars, soak up some cosmic rays, and go through some of the strange ch-ch-ch-changes with that quartet that launched the Marvel Comics empire when they crashed their experimental rocket!

Hey Kids, Comics! is the flagship weekly comic book podcast of The JediCole Universe.  Not your every day comic show, HKC! explores unique topics ranging from characters to themes to the industry itself.  Hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston invite you to join them for in-depth discussions on the world of comic books!

– JediCole

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