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Disney Sets Release Dates For 5 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

We already knew that Phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was locked and loaded. Movies such as BLACK WIDOW, DOCTOR STRANGE AND THE MULTIVERSE...

The Casual Cinecast reviews Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War

Mike, Chrs and Justin review the newest Marvel film, Avengers: Infinity War. Listen as we try to break down this massive movie and speculate on what comes next.

Doctor Strange Blu-Ray Release Date and Details Revealed

The Sorcerer Supreme is making it's way to blu-ray next month, along with a slew of bonus features that Marvel Studios have officially revealed.  Come inside to learn more!

Characters Who Could Appear in the Doctor Strange Sequel

With Marvel’s Doctor Strange being such a success, it’s only a matter of time before a sequel hits the big screen. The magical doctor has a long history in Marvel comics there are numerous characters who could show up. Which allies or enemies should appear in the next Doctor Strange film?

Hey Kids, Comics! #205 – Strange Days Indeed

Hey Kids, Comics! is back at last!  Look for the show to catch up a bit on Cinelinx this week as posts to the site slowed during the Thanksgiving holiday.  #206 will show up here on Friday.

SCNS – S5 E25 – Nerds, I’ve Come To Bargain

The Super Cool Nerd Show is back and we're recapping Marvel's latest origin story, Doctor Strange!  We'll break down everything from Easter Eggs, Story Details, and the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!  Plus, we've got all the latest news in SCNN! Join us for another awesome episode of SCNS!

Eight Observations About The Doctor Strange Film (Spoilers)

 Marvel’s latest super hero film Doctor Strange opened in the US today. It’s a very good movie with a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, although it’s not without flaws. Here are eight observations from a long-time fan, so beware of spoilers.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange takes the Marvel Cinematic Universe and takes it to a new level that we have had yet to see while giving us a great origin story for a new character.

The Two Doctor Strange Ending Credit Sequences Revealed


The Wrap has unveiled details about the mid- credit and post-credit sequences for Marvel’s upcoming Doctor Strange film. The scenes not only connect Strange to the overall MCU, they also set up a sequel.

Critics Tweet First Thoughts After Screening of Dr. Strange

 Marvel is continuing their habit of allowing critics and reporters to post their initial thoughts on social media shortly after the first screenings of one of their movies has completed. Now that the first screening of Marvel’s Doctor Strange has been shown, the tweets are coming. So far, the reaction from the critics seems to be mostly positive. Here are some of the tweets about the film’s advance showing.

The Casual Cinecast Has a Brief Encounter In This Week’s Episode

On this week's Casually Criterion episode of the Cinecast, we're diving into David Lean's Brief Encounter, discuss the Snyder Cut announcement, and more! Mike, Justin,...