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BlueBox Is A Fraud; Someone Wake Up Sony

There were a lot of us really hyped that Bluebox might actually be something cool. Far reaching fans, like myself, were thinking maybe Kojima/Konami...

GamesCom Kicks Off Tomorrow Morning, What To Expect

GamesCom for the gaming community is normally a slightly smaller E3 that is held on the other side of the world, Cologne, Germany. Gamescom...

Abandoned, A Mysterious New Game Could Be Socially Groundbreaking 

  I say this with the utmost respect to what could be a really small studio making a game for Sony. Abandoned (now Survival) could...

More Star Wars Holiday-Themed Black Series Figures Arrive This Fall

This morning, Hasbro has officially revealed a new batch of Christmas/Holiday themed Star Wars toys joining The Black Series line...and where to pick them...