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James Cameron’s Love/Hate Relationship with Technology

James Cameron’s films have all showcased cutting-edge technology, but at the same time they tend to tell cautionary tales about technological advancement. How can...

The Genesis of Pixar

Pixar may have been founded in 1986, but its origin actually took place 7 years prior. Join us as we honor Pixar on its...

How The Matrix Changed Movies Forever

This month marks 20 years since the release of The Matrix. Join us as we take a journey back through those two decades to see just how much has changed as a result of The Matrix’s innovations.

Reboot Coming Back For a New Generation

Reboot was one of those series that really grew on me as a kid. I absolutely loved it and recently rewatched all of it. It was a series very ahead of its time and especially some of the later episodes. There literally was nothing like it on television and as a toy collector writing this article I had to jump to Ebay to check out the toy prices. Well to see the series has been greenlit to be rebooted, I know puns right, puts a smile on my face.

The Rats of NIMH Returning to the Big Screen in Live-Action...

The much beloved children's book, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, got a cartoon adaptation back in the 80s, but aside from a misaligned sequel, the series hasn't seen love on the big screen in decades.  That's all about to chance, as MGM has optioned the rights to the original novel with plans to adapt it for a new live-action franchise.  

Examining the Good and Bad CGI of Immortel

I am a fan of foreign films and as such I found the movie Immortel (Ad Vitam) a few years back. When I was informed it came to Blu-ray I jumped at the chance and grabbed it.  It is a little slow but still a cool film. As there are only a few paid actors the film relies heavily on CGI to bring it to life, some of which is sub-par, detracting from the feel of the film as a whole.  This article explores the good and bad computer-generated imagery of the French film Immortel (Ad Vitam).

CGI Done Right: Gollum in Lord of the Rings

Nowadays, with major advances in technology CGI is playing a huge role in the movie making industry. Of course sometimes creators can go a little too far with CGI making the realistic looking aliens or monsters not so realistic looking and instead creepy or annoying (see Jar Jar Binks) but when they get it right it is nearly perfect. 

A Visual Timeline of CGI Characters in Film

Characters are one of the most important aspects of any film. Therefore, as the technology in film has advanced over the past 40 years, it is no surprise that the way characters are portrayed has also changed. We've compiled this infographic timeline to show you just how far CGI characters in film have come. 

BLU REVIEW: Finding Nemo Collector’s Edition

Cinelinx is at P. Sherman's at 42 Wallaby Way in Sydney watching the outstanding new Finding Nemo Collector's Edition Blu-ray!

BLU REVIEW: The Pixar Short Films Collection, Vol. 2

The Movie Pool takes a long look at the short films of Pixar from their new Blu-ray!

Star Wars: The High Republic: The Rising Storm Cover Reveal

A new Star Wars: The High Republic novel from author Cavan Scott drops this summer and Star Wars dot com revealed the amazing cover...