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Deck The Halls With New Star Wars Christmas Ornaments


Hallmark has some nifty Christmas ornaments for Star Wars lovers out there, but if you want more traditional looking baubles for your tree, you can't go wrong with Merchoid's new series of official Star Wars ornaments.  Come inside to check them out!

Hasbro Reveals New Star Wars Products at NYCC


New York Comic Con is kicking off this morning, but at last night's preview event, Hasbro gave fans a look at the next batch of Star Wars toys heading our way, including a The Force Awakens Han Solo!  Come inside to check out some of the new collectibles heading our way. 

Collecting Gems: Star Wars The Expanded Universe


Every Star Wars collector has a niche focus they track down more than others.  It’s a great practice and something I encourage collectors to do when they’re getting started.  To help enterprising collectors, I’m taking a look at some of the most interesting pieces to track down in these specific areas, and today, I’m talking Star Wars’ Expanded Universe.

Get Your Star Wars Day Deals at Think Geek


What's the best way to celebrate the annual Star Wars Day?  Buying up a bunch of star wars products of course (though that's just a normal Monday for me).  Think Geek has a bunch of cool products for sale and they've got some specials going on today.  Come inside to learn more. 

The Casual Cinecast Gathers ‘The Boys’ to Check Out ‘Thief’

Justin and Mike's latest Casually Criterion discussion on the Cinecast puts the focus on Michael Mann's Thief, plus some Hit Man and The Boys...