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48 Hours Left to Snag New CyberPunk Comic Eliteware!

If you're looking out for some brand new original comic book action with some cyberpunk flair, you've got 48 hours left to snag the first two issues for only $5. Come inside for more details. 

Alec Baldwin Joins Joker Origins Film as Bruce Wayne’s Dad

Thomas Wayne will play a role in Joker's origin and Alec Baldwin will bring the newest version to the big screen.

New Canon Darth Maul Prequel Comic Series is On the Way

Today brings about an announcement that fans of a certain Sith Lord should be happy to hear about, as Marvel is developing a new comic mini-series focused entirely on Darth Maul.  Come inside to learn more! 

Power Rangers And the Justice League Team Up for 6 Issue...

Power Rangers teaming up with the Justice League? That would never happen in my wildest dreams....right? Guess we'll have to file that thought under things I would have said yesterday.  

Picks From the Rack: A-Force, Swamp Thing, and Uncanny X-Men

Hey guys it's January 6th and time for this weeks Picks From The Rack, where I'm breaking down the week's comic releases to see what worth picking up from your local store.  Come inside to watch!

Dark Horse’s New Hardbound Comic Explores the World of Warcraft

If you're a fan of Blizzard's World of Warcraft, you'll be happy to hear about the new comic collection from Dark Horse, which will expand on the mythos of the world in beautiful hard cover collections.  Come inside to learn more about it, and see when you can pick up Volume One.  

Arrow Casts Mr. Terrific For Season 4

As the new season of Arrow approaches we get more and more news for what the series has in store later this year.  Today brings news that one of my favorite comic characters is finally getting the live-action treatment: Mr. Terrific.  Come inside to learn more!

Marvel Reveals Hip Hop Variant Covers

As a comic collector I've never been one for collecting all the variant covers of my particular titles. Well Marvel you found a way to get me. Starting in October Marvel will be releasing variant covers inspired by hip hop Album covers. And some of these we got sent look pretty damn good.

SCNS Live: S4 EP 18 – SDCC Postgame

This week's new episode of the Super Cool Nerd Show is all about wrapping up, and talking about our adventures from San Diego Comic Con, including videos from our time there, the favorite things we saw, and more.  Come inside to watch!

SDCC 2015: Cinelinx Coverage HUB

San Diego Comic-Con is nearly here and, as always, expected to be huge!  We have our team going to the event to bring you all the latest news and information, which you can find all in one convenient spot...Right HERE!  Come inside to get the latest throughout the event and participate in our live-tweet.  

Focal Point: Rush to the Crown

Getting sucked into a new game can have detrimental affects on the rest of your production output in this week's Focal Point. There are games...