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Box Office Breakdown: The Revenant Wins a Slow Weekend

It was a slow weekend at the box office, and although numbers were okay no one had any totals really worth bragging about, but The Revenant managed to win the race, beating out all the newcomers for the weekend.  

Chinese Company Buys Legendary Entertainment for 3.5 Billion

In some unexpected news, China based studio Wanda has announced the purchase of Legendary Entertainment, the studio behind some of the biggest blockbusters in recent years.  Come inside to check out all the details. 

Box Office Breakdown: The Force Awakens Continues Its Historic Run

Three weekends have come and gone since The Force Awakens opened, and it is still going strong.  In fact, the total was more than double the second place gross estimate this weekend.  Not to mention how badly it spanked The Hateful Eight on its opening weekend.

Box Office Breakdown: The Force Awakens Keeps Its Lead over the...

As predicted, The Force Awakens retained its top spot over the holiday weekend.  Along with its other achieved records, the film has grossed over $1 billion dollars total now and just had the second largest weekend.

Box Office Breakdown: The Odds Are Still in Mockingjay 2’s Favor

Although Ron Howard's In The Heart Of The Sea put a good fight, it looks like the Mockingjay pulled off yet another victory at the box office.  At less than a $300 thousand lead, it claimed the top spot over the weekend. 

Box Office Breakdown: Krampus Tried to De-Throne Mockingjay Part 2

Despite of its best efforts, Krampus fell short in beating Mockingjay Part 2 during its opening weekend.  About $2.5 million short to be exact.  Here's a rundown of how things went at the box office this weekend.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Once Again Rules the Weekend

Surprise, surprise!  Once again Mockingjay takes center stage this weekend.  Did I call it, or what?  Hopefully, you had a fantastic Thanksgiving break.  Below are the estimated numbers from the box office this past weekend.

IMAX and Disney Extend Deal for More Star Wars/Marvel Movies

Disney and IMAX have been working together for a while to bring their releases to the super big screens, and now they've announced an extension on their deal that will bring more Star Wars and Marvel movies to IMAX as well.  Come inside to see all the upcoming films you can expect to see!

Cameras Start Rolling on A Monster Calls

The award winning book, A Monster Calls, is getting a movie adaptation with Liam Neeson set to play the aformentioned monster, and now it's one step closer to hitting the big screen as the studios have announced the start of official production.  

Top Filmmakers Band Together and Managed to Save Film

By and large the movie business has been transitioning to a more digital era of filmmaking.  As more filmmakers have taken to using high-end digital cameras, fewer movies have been shot using actual film stock.  So few in fact, Kodak, who's provided film for movie projects practically since the start of the business was on the verge of shutting down production on film.  For many, this was a sad thing, an end of an era and the loss of something great.  Now, it looks like it's been save (for now).  Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, JJ Abrams, and Judd Apatow have banded together to save it.  

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