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Director Gareth Edwards Leaving Delayed Godzilla Sequel

Godzilla 2 absorbs another big blow, on the heels of the monster movie being delayed to Spring 2019.  Now, they've lost their director.  Come inside for more details.

Star Wars: Rogue One – Plot Details and More Revealed!

Gareth Edwards was on stage at Star Wars Celebration this morning, and dropped the first official details on the plot of Star Wars: Rogue One, what role Felicity Jones is playing, the creative crew, and TONS more.  Come inside to check it out plus the first concept art from the movie.  

Chris Weitz Will Finish up the First Star Wars Standalone Film

Looks like Disney/Lucasfilm has decided upon the next writer to help finish out the script for Gareth Edwards' Star Wars standalone film due out in 2016.  Come inside for the details. 

Star Wars Spin-Off: Rooney Mara & Tatiana Maslany Auditioning for the...

While all eyes are currently set on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Gareth Edwards' first spin-off movie is preparing to start filming in a couple months, which means casting is already underway, and now we know about a couple actresses vying for the lead role.  Come inside to learn more!

Possible Plot for the 2016 Star Wars Spin-Off Revealed?

2015 is nearly upon us and that means it's about time to start hearing more and more about the upcoming Star Wars films.  We know the first Star Wars standalone film is hitting in 2016, and that filming will begin early next year, and now we may know what it's about.  Come inside to see the latest report and our thoughts on it!

First Star Wars Spin-Off gets a Release Date and Director Gareth...

It's a very exciting time to be a Star Wars fan.  Not only is Star Wars: Episode VII filming right now for a 2015 release date, we have spin-off films on the way.  The first one has just made a giant leap forward, by bringing on director Gareth Edwards (who dominated with Godzilla) and giving the film an official release date!

Japanese Say New Godzilla is Too Fat

It’s natural at age 60 for someone to gain a little weight, but apparently it’s not acceptable if you’re Godzilla. New commercials, trailers and other images of Gareth Edwards’ new Godzilla reboot have reached the land of the rising sun, and the Japanese are having a surprising reaction to it. Rather than commenting upon whether the big-G’s appearance is appropriately Godzilla-like, (It's a distinct improvement from the Devlin/Emmerich 1998 Tristar fiasco starring Mathew Broderick) the comments have focused upon his weight.

New Images from the Godzilla Reboot

With the debut of the Godzilla reboot coming closer and closer, some new images have been released for the film. Have a look at these new screen shots from the anticipated remake.

10 Things We Don’t Want to See in the New Godzilla...

There are high expectations for the Godzilla reboot. Skeptics fear that this could become another farce like the 1998 version.  Hell, even the original Toho series eventually degenerated into self-parody. There's hope for the new film as well, generated by the footage we've seen so far, and we feel that if Gareth Edwards and WB can steer clear of these ten horrible ideas from Godzilla's past, the film will be just fine.  

Godzilla Reboot Going Retro: Some Scenes to Take Place in...

The cinematographer for the upcoming Godzilla reboot says that part of the film is going to be set in 1954, which is the year that Godzilla first appeared on screen.

New Back to the Future Themed Transformer Revealed

To help celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Back to the Future, Hasbro has announced a fun Transformers crossover figure, GIGAWATT! Much like they did previously...