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Gotham Season 5 and Complete Series Blu-Ray Set Come This June

Fans of the Gotham TV series will have the chance to bring home the fifth and final season of the show when it arrives on blu-ray this June. Come inside for all the details on the release, including a big "Complete Series" boxset. 

It Is What It Is, with The Jackass! Episode 140: Comicbook...

It’s another episode of It Is What It Is, and B.C. is talking, well, he’s talking all right…..

Gotham: The Complete First Season Coming to Blu-Ray in September

FOX's hit show, Gotham, chronicling the adventures of Detective Jim Gordon BEFORE Batman wrapped up it's first season last month, and now Warner Bros. has announced exactly when fans will be able to relive it on blu-ray, with a host of special features.  Come inside to learn more!

TFGP’S Channel Control Episode 01

We have a new show in the TFGP family. Say hello to TFGP's Channel Control! It's TV talk about the shows that matter to the fanpeeps.

More Famous Batman Villains Will Be Introduced in Gotham’s Second Season

 Gotham producer John Stephens revealed at WonderCon 2015 that three more notable villains from Batman’s rogue’s gallery will debut during the second season of the Fox TV series. Mr. Freeze, Clayface and the Mad Hatter will all be appearing in the show’s sophomore year.

5 Characters Who Could Appear On DC’s Team-Up Spinoff

The latest news from DC’s TVU is about a possible spinoff in development that will feature characters from both Arrow and the Flash joining forces in what’s being described as a “superhero team-up show.” The rumor is that the show will have three super heroes who have never been seen on TV before. Which DC characters should appear on the show?

Is The Joker Coming to Gotham or is This Just a...


The Fox series Gotham has been bringing Bat-fans many of their favorite iconic bad guys in embryonic forms. Many fans have been waiting for a certain grinning maniac to show up. Despite the fact that writer/producer Bruno Heller has said we’ll be waiting a bit longer for it”, the ‘next time’ trailer for the upcoming 16th episode “The Blind Fortune Teller”, teases that the dark knight’s arch enemy may be popping up sooner than expected.

New Batman v Superman Plot Info Regarding Two Famous Batman Characters

Two of the most popular and well-known supporting characters in the Batman mythos are Commissioner James Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth, the faithful butler.  Both men are a part of the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but what can we expect to see in this new interpretation of the DCU? (Potential Spoilers Below)

Comic Review: Gotham By Midnight #1

Gotham City just can’t seem to catch a break. As if there isn’t enough trouble with human criminals like the Joker, Penguin, and Riddler, the supernatural things that live under your bed and go bump in the night seem to be drawn to the depressingly dark metropolitan as well. So much so that Commissioner James Gordon has set up a special unit to investigate all the reports of otherworldly phenomena.

Nicholas D’Agosto cast as Pre-Two Face Harvey Dent in Gotham

Gotham keeps adding established Batman characters to its ever-increasing cast of odd residents from the crime-ridden city. The latest addition is Harvey Dent, better known to Bat-fans as Two Face, to be played by Nicholas D’Agosto.

Geek Pick of the Week – The Art of Star Wars:...

The latest 'Art of' book from the galaxy far, far away plunges us deep into the first season of The Mandalorian for another impressive...