Plot Details for Cancelled Star Wars Episode VII: Shadows of the...


There’s a long list of Star Wars videogames that never reached gamers, and today brings us more information on a proposed “sequel” to the Star Wars movies (at the time) which could have made many Expanded Universe fans happy.  Come inside to learn more about Shadows of the Sith!

Yoda Could Have Been the Main Character in The Force Unleashed...


When The Force Unleashed 2 brought back the character of Starkiller, some fans were confused (and still are), especially when the adventure turned out to be so short. That story wasn't always the plan, however, and the original ideas for TFU 2 would have feature new characters and an entirely different story.  Come inside to learn more of what could have been.

Haden Blackman Reveals What the Future of The Force Unleashed Could...


Ever wondered what The Force Unleashed 3 would have been about, had the developers gotten the chance to make it?  While talking with former LucastArts Creative Director Haden Blackman about the games, he revealed what could have been in store for the franchise.  Come inside to see his remarks.

Funko Reveals New Five Nights at Freddy’s Tabletop Game

Funko has found a way to bring the iconic jump scares from the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise to your onto your table with...