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Making the (Up)Grade: Highlander

Highlander finally makes the jump to 4K Ultra HD this month, bringing fans the best transfer of this film by far. We are firmly...

Highlander Finally Comes to 4K Ultra HD This December

Just in time for the holidays, the original Highlander is coming to 4K for the first time complete with a host of special features...

The Ten Worst Sequels of All Time

Bad sequels can ruin franchises. We look at 10 of the very worst offenders.  Last week we took a look at ten of the greatest...

Highlander 30th Anniversary Blu-ray coming 9/27


Celebrate 30 years of Highlander with a new Blu-ray!

New Star Wars Book ‘Crimson Climb’ On the Way from E.K....

Fans of Qi'Ra and Crimson Dawn will soon get the chance to see more of Qi'Ra's backstory in a new novel from E.K. Johnston It...