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The Casual Cinecast returns to the MCU to review Ant-Man and...

In this episode, Justin, Chris and Mike return to the MCU for Ant-Man and The Wasp, starring Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer! We also discuss everthing we've seen and what been on our mind's since the last epsiode.

The Casual Cinecast asks “Does Deadpool 2 Deliver?”

The latest installment of Deadpool 2 is out and, as always, the good fellows of The Casual Cinecast are here to let you know if it's worth your while!

The Casual Cinecast reviews Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War

Mike, Chrs and Justin review the newest Marvel film, Avengers: Infinity War. Listen as we try to break down this massive movie and speculate on what comes next.

Meet Cable in the Hilarious Action-Packed First Trailer for Deadpool 2

Get your first look at Josh Brolin as Cable in the first trailer for Deadpool 2 that does not disappoint!

Start a War with Everyone in the First Trailer for Sicario...

Check out the trailer to the highly anticipated sequel to the Academy Acclaimed film Sicario!

First Poster for Deadpool 2 Arrives In The Holiday Spirit

The genius marketing of Deadpool is back at it again with our first look at the poster for the sequel for to the smash hit.

Drew Goddard Set To Write and Direct X-Force Film

After years of pursuing director gigs for big name franchises, Drew Goddard will finally have his shot with 20th Century Fox's X-Force!

The Recap – Josh Brolin’s Cable and Dark Tower TV

Tha Mad Zak is excited to bring you his thoughts on Josh Brolin's Cable, The Dark Tower TV series, new PC tech for the Master Race, and the 13 new animes coming to Netflix in this week's Recap!

First Look at Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2

Josh Brolin and Ryan Reynolds have taken to instagram to reveal the first images of Brolin's Cable in Deadpool 2!  Come inside to see them!

Josh Brolin to play Cable in Deadpool Sequel

We’ve been speculating and waiting but we can confirm we have our Cable.

The Casual Cinecast Has a Brief Encounter In This Week’s Episode

On this week's Casually Criterion episode of the Cinecast, we're diving into David Lean's Brief Encounter, discuss the Snyder Cut announcement, and more! Mike, Justin,...