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SCNS – S5 E22 – Sweet Christmas

SCNS is LIVE and the team is talking Netflix's latest Marvel series, Luke Cage!  Plus, Reverend Deacon Dr. the X is here to absolve you of your sins in Nerd Confessionals!  Come inside and watch the hilarious new episode of SCNS!

On Tonight’s Episode of SCNS…

Sweet Christmas!  It's another live episode of the Super Cool Nerd Show!  Check out what is in store for tonight!

SCNS – S5 E21 – The 2016 Nerdy Awards

This edition of SCNS celebrates the best in Nerd TV with our 2nd Annual Nerdy Awards!  Find out who takes home the coveted Nerdy!  Plus, the team breaks down all the Power Rangers news, including Bill Hader as Alpha 5!  Ai yi yi!  It's another hilarious episode you won't want to miss!

SCNS Live – S5 Ep 17 – We Back!

On the return of SCNS Live, the team recaps Quakecon 2016, AnimeFest 2016, and get into a discussion over Con Overload.  Since we were out for so long we give our thoughts on Suicide Squad and Jason take thes Flash Bang Hot Sauce Challenge!

Booty-O’s is Now Part of Your Complete Breakfast

Move aside Tony the Tiger.  Get out of the way Cap'n Crunch.  There is a new cereal in town and it's making sure you ain't booty!

Interactive Timelines Help You Keep Up With Your Favorite Geeky Franchises

In the age of shared universes and mass multi-media affairs for popular franchises, keeping up with everything out there can be difficult.  This is especially true of new fans just getting started in long-running properties.  Fortunately, there's a highly interactive site out there to help guide you through it all.  Come inside to learn more!

The Fathergamer Podcast: Episode 64

In the brand new episode of The Fathergamer Podcast, Eric talks a bit about the trials being sick with a head cold and constipation. He also talks a bit more about his current Pokémon addiction and how he may have hit rock bottom.

Nerd Interference – May 14, 2016

With the Coach away The Jackass is running the show. This week BC talks NBA and Space Jam 2, the UFC, college football and more. With special guest Zack Marchand, and assistant coach James Pena

SCNS Live S5E13 – The Cora Chronicles

On the thirteenth episode of the fifth season of SCNS Live, the team welcomes an old friend back to the studio. Plus, all the nerdy news, views and opinions you've come to expect from our world class team of journalists.

LEGO Celebrates Star Wars Day With Cool Freebies

Star Wars Day (May the Fourth) is quickly approaching, and today LEGO has revealed how they're plan on celebrating in their stores (both online and physical) with a few awesome freebies for fans.  Come inside to see what they have!

His Dark Materials: Lyra’a Oxford Gift Edition Coming This Fall

After the recent release of The Golden Compass Illustrated Edition an oversized, lavishly illustrated collector’s edition of Philip Pullman’s beloved fantasy classic, a now...