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Sea of Stars New Demo Released, And Release Date Confirmed

The release date for the turn based game Sea of Stars has an official release date, and you can check out the demo today!...

Cities: Skylines Getting Remastered For PS5 / Xbox Series X

The city building game is coming to PS5 and Series X soon, and you could get it for free. Cities: Skylines is the new...

PS5 Showcase: Cinelinx’s Impressions

Sony revealed more games, details, and a release date/price for the PlayStation 5. What reveals left the biggest impressions and will it be worth...

TMP Brings You 8 New ‘Breaking Dawn’ Images


It may not have been headlining news, since Bin Laden and the U.S. military took that honor, but many of our Twi-hard audience has been waiting for any Breaking Dawn news and tidbits to be offered by the movie studios. We, at TheMoviePool, try our best to help feed your sparkly vampire addiction with eight new pictures to feast your eyes upon. Let the screaming begin!

The ‘Starship Troopers’ Soundtrack is Getting a Vinyl Release this Summer

Varèse Sarabande and Craft Recordings announce the first-ever vinyl release of Basil Poledouris’ thrilling score for the 1997 cult classic, Starship Troopers. This 2-LP...