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Mindy Kaling and Dan Goor to Write ‘Legally Blonde 3’

It seems the adventures of Elle Woods aren't over yet, as Mindy Kaling and Dan Goor have been tapped to write Legally Blonde 3. 17...

Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time Movie Begins Filming Tomorrow

Yet another classic tale is being adapted by Disney as a live-action movie and filming starts tomorrow!  Come inside for more information, including a complete cast, for A Wrinkle In Time!

In Defense of Spring Breakers, American Sniper, and a dash of...

Some un-released thoughts have been running amuck my headspace, and a recent re-watch of Spring Breakers pulled the trigger. Probably three films you never thought you'd see in the same corner, Spring Breakers, American Sniper, and a 'dash' of Inherent Vice, are the films I chose to defend. Read below, my curious brain splurge.

The ‘This Means War’ Trailer Pretends Two Men Would Really Fight...

Bane and Captain Kirk fight each other for the affections of Elle Woods.

TMP Reviews: Water for Elephants

Amidst a sea of summer sequels, do not miss this underrated yet superbly crafted film.

Pixar’s ‘Brave’ logo fits the story

Pixar has unleashed the official logo for Brave, a summer 2012 film. Featuring the lovely Reese Witherspoon as the voice of Merida, the...

The Casual Cinecast Discusses Five Easy Pieces, Loki, and More!

It's a new Casually Criterion episode in our latest Cinecast as we discuss Five Easy Pieces and share our thoughts on streaming TV. This...