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Original Score for Ghostbusters Releases on Digital and Vinyl This Summer

For the first time ever, the original Ghostbusters soundtrack is going Digital this summer!  To find out how to pre-order your copy and to...

‘Mandy’ is Disqualified From the Oscars

In heartbreaking news, the Academy has ruled that the Nicolas Cage film Mandy is disqualified from the Oscars and the reason is...interesting. More inside...

John Williams Begins Recording Star Wars: Episode VIII Soundtrack This Month

With all eyes currently focused on Rogue One and it's big debut, work on Star Wars: Episode VIII continues to move along and the Maestro himself will be working on the sequel's soundtrack this month! 

Michael Giacchino is Composing the Spider-Man: Homecoming Soundtrack

While filming has wrapped on Spider-Man: Homecoming, not much information regarding the movie has come out (officially), but we do at least know who will be handling the soundtrack. 

Interview – John Paesano on Composing Music and Both Seasons of...

Cinelinx had the opportunity to speak with acclaimed composer John Paesano about the music he created for Marvel’s Daredevil and Daredevil 2. Join us for a look into the fascinating world of scoring background music for both big screen and small screen!

Holy News Storm, Batman! Cameos, Set Photos, Music, and More...

Every single thing that happens with The Dark Knight Rises is news.  It has been this way ever since the film has been announced.  However, not everything deserves an article of its own.  So to save time, here's all The Dark Knight Rises news you could possibly ask for...Until something new comes out tomorrow.

Alan Silvestri composing ‘Captain America’ score

'Back to the Future' composer is going back to the past...for Captain America.  Because Captain America takes place during World War II.

That's when you laugh.

The Best Scored Moments In Film

As filmmakers the five senses are our great tools, but it is only with music that we are able to effortlessly communicate with our audience and tell our story.

Everything Is Canon: Melanin In YA

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks with Melody Simpson, writer and creator of the amazing Melanin in YA directory! Melanin in YA...