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See So Much More of Star Wars The Force Awakens with...

Need another reason to buy Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens on Blu-Ray or Digital HD?  The latest deleted scenes sneak peek trailer is all the reason you need!  Take a look!

Own Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Blu-Ray this April

It's been rumored and leaked for a while now, but today brings official word about Star Wars: The Force Awakens' blu-ray release date.  Come inside to learn more about the special features and retail exclusives you can pick up in April! 

Is Hollywood’s Attempt at Feminism Actually Detrimental to Women in Film?

 Despite the abundance of tough women on TV and movies, and the British film industry declaring last year as “the year of strong women”, there still aren’t very many leading roles showcasing women in action/super hero/sci-fi movies. Why is there such a multitude of “strong women” in supporting roles but not in starring roles? It may have something to do with Hollywood’s poorly executed attempts at female empowerment.


Continuing the Star Wars The Force Awakens Round table the nerds are back at it for Part 2. Needless to say there will be spoilers as this is a very in depth conversation. So join Kat, Matt, Jason, and Rob as we cover prt 2 of our four part series about Star Wars The Force Awakens. 

The Recap: Star Wars, Hideo Kojima, and Star Wars

Welcome to The Recap for all the entertainment news you may have missed this week. So the big week is finally here and not only is the Force awake it's running wild like like a honey badger on espresso. How much money did the film make opening night? Star Trek showed us that their newest trailer and I hope you can see the influence of it's latest director. Who's in the front running to play the father of Peter Quill a.k.a Star Lord in the next Guardians of the Galaxy? Also Unravel a game we saw at E3 finally gives us a better look and Hideo Kojima is far from done with the world of video games.

New Behind the Scenes Photos From Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Rolling Stone recently released an article featuring behind the scenes interviews with the cast and crew of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Included in the article are some sweet Behind the Scenes photo, including this one of Kylo Ren!  Check them out!

The Recap: Terminator, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and More

It's Friday so before you head into your weekend let's go over the biggest news this week with The Recap. I'm up and it's a big news week. First off spoilers are starting up fro Star Wars The Force Awakens and we've go some developments on John Boyega's character Finn. What's up with more Terminator films from Paramount? Yet another Ghost Busters series is in the works? Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice when are you going to give us something more? Are the Batman games done? And how was Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5? All these questions are answered this week on The Recap. And as always you can see the full stories in the Links below.

The Fathergamer Podcast Episode 50

In this episode of The Fathergamer Podcast we're talking about what's up with Konami, Star Wars' adventure into Infinity, the latest Kickstarter games, and so much more.  Come inside to listen to the latest episode!

7 Things The Force Awakens Needs to Remember In Order Not...

Fans are getting very psyched up as the seventh Star Wars film comes closer and closer to its release date. But many of us get nervous thinking about the prequels and Jar Jar Binks. Can the new films avoid the mistakes of the prequels? Here are 7 things that the new Star Wars films need to remember.

Star Wars 7 Title Officially Revealed!

After a lot of speculation, now that filming has officially wrapped, Disney/Lucasfilm have revealed the offical title for Star Wars: Episode VII!

Will Ubisoft Bring a True Open World Star Wars Game to...

Welcome to the latest episode of The 2nd Opinion Podcast! In this episode, we discuss Bethesda's new Indiana Jones game, Sony's CES2021 Games, Mass...