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Tuesday Toy Review: Marvel Legends GOTG Vol 2 Star Lord Review

It’s been awhile since I reviewed a Marvel Legends figure and with the new line of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 the need is strong again.

Tuesday Toy Review: Maketoys Downbeat (Jazz)

Here it folks my favorite Transformer and my nickname Jazz, err I meant Maketoys Downbeat.

Toy Review: Voltron Legendary Defender Blue Lion

Holy what! Two reviews in one week. Nah you can just call this Voltron week here. And today we’re taking a look at Lance and the Blue Lion.

Toy Review Tuesday: Voltron Legendary Defender Yellow Lion Review

Hey guess what nerds and nerdettes the toy reviews are back. And all this week we’re looking at the Voltron Legendary Defenders Lions.

Toy Review Tuesday: Masterpiece Optimus Primal

Toy Review Tuesday is taking a look at the latest offering from Takara Tomy with Masterpiece Optimus Primal.

Toy Review Tuesday: Legacy Ninja Megazord

This week's brand new episode of Toy Review Tuesday is taking a look at the third season of zords from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  Come inside to check it out! 

Toy Review Tuesday: Star Wars The Black Series Jyn Erso an...

Rogue One is on the review table. Here’s a look at the Jyn Erso figure.

Toy Review Tuesday: iZombie Figure and the Deluxe Ninja Megazord

It's time for a brand new edition of Toy Review Tuesday featuring Liv Moore from iZombie with a bonus throwback to make up for all the time I've been away: the Deluxe Ninja Megazord.

Toy Review Tuesday: SDCC Legacy Red Ranger Review

This week's Toy Review Tuesday episode is special to me as it's an exclusive Power Rangers figure from this year's SDCC...a figure I never expected to get my hands on (without costing an arm and a leg).  Let's take a look at the Legacy Red Ranger from SDCC 2016.

Toy Review Tuesday: S.H. Figuarts Civil War Mark 46 Iron Man

Tuesday Toy Review is back and I’m delving back into the world of Captain America: Civil War figures by S.H. Figuarts. After having positive things to say about the Captain America from this line I find that I’m not saying the same about Tony Stank err Stark.  Come inside to check out the full video review! 

Resident Evil Village Has GOTY Potential and Scared The Hell Out...

Welcome back to the 2nd Opinion Podcast! In this episode, we discuss More Problems for CDPR, New Playstation IP's, Xbox Gold Pricing, Metal Gear...