What We Want To See From Sony’s Project Q

Project Q is a new handheld "device" that Sony revealed over the summer, which seems to be a streaming accessory for the PS5. What...

Sony Should Go Back To Mobile With PSP2

Sony had some success when they went into the handheld market with the PSP and, to an extent, the PS Vita. That success quickly fizzled...

Changes We Want To See In PS5: UI Updates

Sony is extremely good at making hardware for several different technology mediums, but one area they struggle with is the software inside those gadgets....

The Fathergamer Interviews: Tom Beardsmore of Coatsink


Welcome to the first episode of The Fathergamer Interviews.  In this episode I had the opportunity to chat with Tom Beardsmore-- the CEO and co-founder of Coatsink. They are a passionate and talented games development team working on games for PC, VR, console and mobile, who have grown into a recognized face in the dev community, (as well as the growing VR industry).

Dark Horse Books to Release ‘The Art of Lies of P’...

Dark Horse is releasing an art book for the hit game Lies of P later this year. Fans of Lies of P will definitely want...