Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut Coming August 20th

Sony and Sucker Punch are celebrating 1 year with Ghost of Tsushima with an all new Directors Cut of the game.

Coming on August 20, the directors cut includes enhanced features for PS5 users, and new content for both PS4 and PS5 players.

For starters both versions of the game will see “every piece of content” released so far. This includes the new online mode that was recently added to the game. Beyond that content players will also get to explore a whole new island named Iki. Sucker Punch explains this adds an additional story, trophies, mini-games, animals, and environments to explore. It is noted that players need to reach at least Act 2 of the game to unlock new content, but save files from PS4 to PS5 will transfer.

The PS5 will also get some exclusive updates as well. The first being real time Japanese lip syncing for the entire game. The PS5 is able to render the sync in real time allowing them to update the game to do so, but it won’t be available for PS4. The PS5 will also utilize haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, along with pushing 4k resolution options and 60 frames a second.

Anyone that already owns the game can upgrade to the Directors Cut on Ps4 for $19.99, or get the PS5 upgrade for $29.99, which is a pretty hefty price for “next generation.” The game can also be purchases stand alone. Anyone that pre-orders digitally on the PlayStation store will unlock the PS4 version of the original game right away.

You can read more on the PlayStation Blog.

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