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MSI Releases Slim, Powerful Gaming Desktop Computer, The Vortex G25

One of the biggest gaming hardware companies is releasing a brand-new gaming desktop that places powerful hardware inside the body of an aesthetically pleasing shell.

PC gamers take pride in their rigs, creating elaborate, hulking beasts designed to be powerful, functional, and badass-looking.  However, most of the time those rigs are extremely bulky, with good reason.  The PC needs the space for the inventive cooling systems, so the PC doesn't burst into flames.  Knowing all this, MSI decided to create a slimmer gaming desktop that's just as powerful.

Enter the Vortex G25.  Introduced at Computex Taipei 2017, gaming tech developer, MSI designed this slim gaming desktop to be just as powerful as bulkier models, while maintaining the level of cooling needed to prevent a full-blown crash.

Here are the specs:

unnamed 2

The MSI Vortex G25 is available at NeweggGentech PCMobile AdvanceExcaliberXotic and will be available at Amazon soon. The Vortex G25 8RE is available for $1,999 and the Vortex G25 8RD for $1,499.

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